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"Healing minds are creative minds"

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About Me

Carolina Perez Placencia, MSW, LICSW.

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I am originally from Aguascalientes, Mexico raised in Renton/Seattle, WA, Occupied Duwamish Territory.  I am a bi-cultural, bilingual, undocumented/DACA-recipient Mexican immigrant woman (pronouns: she/her/hers/ella). I am passionate about systemic change, healing intergenerational trauma, social justice, learning, community healing, music, aesthetic/style as a form of expression, food, poetry, travel, exercise/body movement, and all-around creativity.

I completed my Bachelors degree in Psychology with a minor in family studies at Central Washington University and Masters in clinical social work from the University of Washington. Much of my experience comes from working with communities of color from different age groups and backgrounds in various capacities for over 10 years. More specifically communities with roots to Latin America and the immigrant experience. Working in community has allowed me to bear witness to how trauma shows up and the barriers that exist to heal and care for our mental wellness. My recent work consisted in supporting sexual assault survivors of all ages during my 3+ years at a sexual assault resource center in King County as a bilingual trauma-focused therapist. My experience in the mental health system, activism, case-management, working with families and youth, as well as my own personal healing journey led me to create  H E A L I N G  V I B R A Z  which promotes healing and mental wellness through a social justice and liberation-based perspective. In my work I aim to normalize mental wellness and increase accessibility for individual and collective community healing.

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Activism burn out

Anxiety (exposure work)

Stress and capitalism

grief and loss


Internalized Oppression



Navigating interpersonal relationships

Life transitions


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I work with:

Individuals from diverse backgrounds that include those who identify as...

  • Latinx, from Latin American roots

  • Undocumented/Immigrant

  • Queer, Transgender, Black Indigenous Poeple Of Color (QTBIPOC)

  • Non-binary

  • Women

  • Men

  • Young professionals

  • Students

  • Social service providers

  • Activists/Community organizers

Who are interested and committed to exploring their healing journey and would like support, accountability, and guidance. 

*Please note I am ONLY working with adults 18+ at this time.

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Facilitating healing

I view the facilitation of healing (therapy) as a creative and interactive process where we explore challenges, inherent strengths, opportunities to grow, reclaim joy, rituals, and practices that will support your journey. This can look like:  

·      Processing past or current trauma due to sexual/physical/racial/systemic/domestic/gender-based violence

·      Working through specific fears due to anxiety

·      Dismantling guilt/shame or patterns that cause barriers in your life or relationships

·      Processing and navigating grief/loss due to death/murder, migration/borders, life transitions, or a relationship breakup/divorce

·      Learning to engage in practices to protect and care for your mental wellness ​

My services include a person-centered, strength-based, trauma-focused, womanist/mujerista, and cognitive-behavioral approach. I explore systems of oppression and intersectionality to address the impact on the person's mind, body, and community as a whole. My work honors intergenerational wisdom and the creative mind which I believe must be protected and nurtured to bring forth imagination and expression – to heal and exist. It is my duty to make every attempt to create a safe place free of judgement and shame. It takes courage, commitment, and honesty with the self to engage in this journey and I am honored to embark on this healing journey with you.

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"Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political welfare."

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Schedule a 15 min consultation

I offer a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation prior to scheduling a therapy session.

*I do not take insurance at this time. I do offer a number of sliding scale fee based services for those experiencing financial hardship.

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